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What is solar system ??

The aggregate that converts the light coming from the sun into electricity is called a solar system. Let us know about the parts of the solar system, the main part of the solar system is the solar panel, apart from this there is an inverter, batteries are used to save electricity, the solar panels are used to tighten the roof. These are known as solar structure, it protects the solar panel from flying in the storm, AC and DC wire is used to connect the solar panel, inverter and battery !! To protect the solar panel from lightning, lightning conductor is used, which is called lighting arrester in common language, along with earthing of copper or GI is used.

Let us know about all these parts in detail one by one.

Solar Panel

You all must have heard the name of the solar panel, it is the heart of the solar system, which is the main part, the solar system is made by mixing small cells, which are made from an element called solar cell silicon, now how does it work? If understood in easy language, then the work of making electricity from sunlight is done by solar panels.

The particles of energy found in the light (sunshine) emanating from the Sun, those particles are called “photons”. Receiving photons in the form of electricity is called head energy. Solar panels are used to get energy directly from the sun. There are different types of solar panels available in the market, such as Poly Polycrystalline, Monocrystalline Panel, Bifacial Solar Panel, Thin-film Solar Panel etc. !!

Types of Solar Panels

  • Polycrystalline Solar
  • Monocrystalline Solar
  • Bifacial Solar Panel Solar
  • Thin-film Solar Panel Solar

Polycrystalline Solar

These solar panels are available in the markets at a low price, in their identification, the color of the cell is light blue and the shape of the cell is quadrangular, different crystals are used to make them, hence they are also called Multicrystalline Solar Panel. !! It is applied more in the industrial area !! Their price ranges from around Rs 20 to Rs 22 per watt, if you buy more quantity, the price seems less.

Monocrystalline Solar

These solar panels are a little more expensive than poly, in their identification, the color of the cell and the shape of the cell is octagonal, the cell is cut from all four corners, only one crystal is used to make them, so they are called Single Crystalline Solar. Panel) is also called !! It works well in light sunlight and even in clouds. Their price ranges from about Rs 25 to Rs 30 per watt, if you buy more quantity, the price seems less.

Bifacial Solar Panel

So far you have seen such solar panels which generate electricity from one side but there is also a solar panel in the market which generates electricity from both the front and back side, it is the reflection of sunlight from the bottom side. It generates electricity with the help of both mono and poly, can be made with the help of solar panels. Their price ranges from about Rs 30 to Rs 40 per watt, if you buy more quantity, the price seems less.

Thin-film Solar Panel

This solar panel is flexible, it is very thin, which can be easily bent, it is made from thin silicon film, it is used on most vehicles, it can be easily folded and its cost is a little more than all solar panels Lives!!

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