What is necessary to buy in solar system for home

The main purpose of this blog is when we go to install solar system for the house, then it is not known that what we have to buy in this system and in this incomplete information we are not able to get the complete system, so let’s see what we need what to buy!!

Solar Panel

When you are going to install a solar system for your home, first of all you have to select the solar panel, in this you need to take care of something.

  • Before buying a solar panel, always see which grade it is a panel, C grade panels will be seen in most markets, in the identification of C grade panels, you have to break the bus bar of the solar panel, the solar cell is broken but you should pay attention to them. If you look from it then you will know that we should always buy A grade solar panels !!
  • Technology Selection of Solar Panel You have to see which technology of solar panel you are buying, here you will get mono technology, solar panel with poly technology !!
  • The selection of the company is a matter of thinking here that the solar panel is right for which company, you should go around and see the already installed solar panels that the performance and service of the company is good !!


Friends, now it is the turn to buy an inverter, first of all, see which inverter you have to buy, first to see whether the solar system you are going to install is on grid or off grid, the inverter comes separately for both. !! Inverters of different technologies and companies are available in the markets.


Come on, now it is your turn to buy batteries when you are off grid solar system i.e. you do not have electricity facility at all or there is more power cut !! Then you have to buy solar battery with solar panel, here you can buy battery in capacity according to your need !

Solar Structure

Now you need a stand to put the solar panel on the roof, this stand is known as the solar structure. Solar structure is the beating of the solar panel when there is a strong storm, then this is the structure to protect your solar panels from flying. is !! You have to pay attention that when you are getting the warranty of 25 years of solar panels, will your stand last for 25 years or not, here you should buy GI structures !!

You want to know further that how solar structures are installed in the right way, you can watch the video given here !!


When you are going to install solar, why are you giving earthing kit along with the system or not, let’s see why earthing is necessary:

It keeps people safe by preventing electric shocks.
Prevents damage to electrical appliances and equipment by preventing excessive current from running through the circuit.
This prevents the risk of fire that might otherwise be caused by current leakage.
Here you can use 2 types of earthing kit GI pipe earthing and second copper road earthing !!

  • GI Pipe Earthing
  • copper road earthing

If you want how to do solar earthing then you can watch this vide

Lightning Arrester

When you install a solar system, but you see that during the rainy days, there is damage due to lightning falling on the solar panel, which is used to protect it, it is called Lightning Arrester !! There is a metal conductor rod for the Lightning Arrester, which is installed on the roof of tall buildings to protect the solar system. The top end of the lightning conductor is pointed and placed near the solar in the upper part of the buildings. It is connected to the copper wire and buried in the ground like earthing below !!

If you do not know how to install this driver then you can watch this videoAC – DC Wire
When you are installing a solar system, you also have to take special care of which wire is being used, both AC – DC wire is used, it is necessary to have a wire of at least 4 mm !!


Have you put MCB in your solar system or have kept 1 separate box AC DB DC DB It is very important to use it in big plant as per the requirement !!

Plastic Pipe

When your solar system is going to be completely complete, you have to see whether the wiring is visible outside or is placed in a plastic pipe !!

MC 4 Connector

Whether MC 4 connector is used in your solar system or not, let’s see what is MC 4 connector when you see 1 wire connect to another, we connect both of you by jointing and after a few days carbon comes there. Somewhere the wiring gets burnt, for this we have to use MC 4 connector!!

I completely believe that after reading this blog, you must have understood completely what are the things we need to install solar system for home !!

You can share this blog as much as possible so that someone can be helped !!


Gamer Singh Ranawat

Tech Mewadi

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