Genus Surja 1125 L Sine Wave Solar Inverter UPS Best for Home – Office – Shops, Black

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Product Description

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End To End Power Back Up Solutions

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The Genus Inverter Advantage

Genus Inverters & UPS can be connected with power sourced from the electricity grid, from Solar PV panels, or fuel based generators.

Inverters & UPS by Genus run on intelligent DSP control circuit and supply power that is equal to the power supplied by Grid, making it perfectly safe to run sensitive equipment.

Owing to the turbo charging option, Genus Inverters & UPS can recharge very fast and are always ready to supply sufficient power reliably, even during long and frequent power cuts.

Genus inverters & UPS can endure rough weather, work perfect in low or high voltage conditions, to run all appliances, from small domestic or commercial ones to large ones in factories.

Unlike a generator, Genus inverters & UPS cause no noise, no harmful emissions or pollution, and can be used safely in any environment.


A+ Production Units + R&D CenterA+ Production Units + R&D Center

Technical Advantages

Affluent DSP based Technology To provide you with a power output that matches the grid.

Sure Sine Wave Technology To protect your sensitive appliances.

Low Voltage Charging To ensure that your back up is ready even under the worst of conditions.

ASIC Technology Auto Sense Intelligent Control to enhance the life and performance of your battery.

IS Certified – Entirely Trusted Solutions To ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.

⚡ High Efficiency & Reliablity – Advanced DSP technology based Surja L offers exceptional performance and efficiency at every level of operation
⚡ Safe for Sensitive Equipment – Produces pure sinewave power that is equivalent to power supplied by Grid and makes it completely safe to run even the most sensitive electronic equipment
⚡ No Pollution Compared to generators – Surja L is completely non-polluting and can be comfortably placed in any working environment
⚡ 24 Months Onsite Warranty & Automatic Warranty Registration – Makes it a completely hassle free & long life Solar Solution for any Home or Business


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