Genus Proton Q 1500 – Sinewave Inverter for Home and Offices

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Product Description

Genus Proton Q Home Inverter UPSGenus Proton Q Home Inverter UPS

A friend of your family Genus Home InverterA friend of your family Genus Home Inverter

A friend of your family – No More Power Cuts

Armed with dependable and Avant-grade DSP technology, Genus Proton Q series can efficiently produce Pure Sine Wave Output in a regulated manner. As a complete and extremely capable power generation system, these inverters and UPS can be used to run lights, fans, ACs, and even heavy machinery across locations such as your home, shops, commercial spaces, and industrial spaces.

The Genus Proton Q inverter with battery for home uses cutting-edge DSP technology and modern design, to ensure that you do not need any separate power backup system. The inverter supplies clean, stable, and regulated power to safely run all kinds of appliances, including sensitive ones. It has a long battery life, high energy-efficiency, and features a smart overload regulation. During power cuts, this inverter for home use switches to battery mode instantly, offering uninterrupted power supply. Also, you can use the Wide UPS mode to run fans, fridges and lights, while the UPS mode is ideal for computers and TVs. The inverter comes with a user-friendly LED display too.

Features and Advantages

Sure Sine Wave Technology

Distortion free power all the time makes it safer to use with any applications. Genus Inverters output a Pure Sine Wave.

Wide Voltage Range

Proton Q Home UPS keeps the charging on even at extremely low voltages, thus keeping the battery ready in case of total

Works With All Batteries

The integration of battery compatibility and Genus ASIC technology makes it kind to any battery type be it Tubular, Lead-Acid or VRLA/SMF.

Durable in All Conditions (Low/High Voltage)

Proton Q can endure rough weather, work perfect in low or high voltage conditions, to run all appliances, from small domestic or commercial ones to large ones in factories.

Genus Sine Wave Proton Q Home Inverter

Genus Proton Q bannerGenus Proton Q banner

Why Genus Proton Q Inverter

Advanced DSP Technology – The advanced DSP technology with a futuristic design enabling it to provide the purest form of power ensuring total safety of your appliances and efficiency at the same time.
Simple & Safe Installation – These inverters are compact, easy to install and safe to use
Good User Experience – Genus inverters feature clear and easy to understand graphical LED and LCD displays for monitoring battery charge, mains status, charging mode, etc.
Fits Everywhere – The small size makes it easy to place anywhere in any climate. Be it a city or village it keeps running and does not ever let you down.
Best In Class Switchover – In the event of a power failure, the switchover process to battery mode takes a fraction of second and ensures connected appliances like computers keep getting uninterrupted power without the systems rebooting due to a power failure.
UPS MODE/WIDE UPS MODE – The two-way selection switch gives you the option to select the system mode. You can select UPS mode for sensitive appliances like TVs, computers, scanners or switch to Wide UPS mode in remote areas.

Technical Features

Output Waveform

Pure Sine Wave

Power Factor


Input Voltage Range (UPS Mode)

180 VAC – 265 VAC ± 5 VAC

Input Voltage Range (Normal)

100 VAC – 280 VAC ± 15 VAC

Output Voltage Regulation

200 VAC ± 10%

Output Frequency

50 Hz ± 0.5 Hz

Overload Protection

Provided at >100% with Auto Reset

Short Circuit Protection

Provided at >300% with Manual Reset

Change Over UPS Mode

Less than 12 miliseconds

Change Over Normal Mode

Less than 50 miliseconds

Warranty 24 months
Best for Computers and Household Appliances
Genus ASIC – Battery Saver Technology
Best in class voltage range


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